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Little Explorers Workshops

Discover theWorkshops

At the heart of Little Explorers is the interactive and dynamic workshop room. Here, children manipulate, explore, learn and play together in mixed activities. With constant variations in themes, a workshop includes 30 to 45 mins hands-on activities every day on the hour. Our skillful edutainment animation team will ensure that every experience is unique, informative and entertaining.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

CREEPY CRAWLERS! (October 1-15)

Children will take a closer look at insects and learn about their anatomy and life cycles.

HAUNTED HOUSE! (October 16-31)

Children will assemble their own 3D Haunted House that can be used as fun home décor for the season.

VROOM! (November 1-30)

Children will learn all about different types of transportation and vehicles used in our daily lives.

COOL CREATIONS! (December 1-31)

Children will enjoy learning about different snow adventures. They will also craft a snowman hanging kit perfect for the winter holidays!

Culinary Workshops


Kids will prepare and decorate their own cupcakes with colorful toppings.


Kids will have fun mixing sweet ingredients together to make their very own ice cream. They can then enjoy a scoop and decorate it with their favorite toppings.

COOL WEATHER! (December)

Kids will love the cool weather and will learn how to make cookies in our workshop.

Special Workshops

GO POTTERY! (October)

Kids will have the time of their lives by making their own decorative pottery. They will choose a unique pot design and will color it with water-based paints.

SAND ART! (November)

Use your favorite colors of sand to layer a whimsical piece of art. Simply, fill the bottle then watch it transform through different color combinations.

KIDDIE BANKS! (December)

A must-have for all kids. Children can paint them the way they like. This pre-historic pal can help your little ones learn the value of saving money.

Start saving money to use for the future.

Special Holiday Workshops

HALLOWEEN HAUNT! (November 1, 4pm-6pm)

2 hours of fun and entertainment with trick and treat, dances, haunting and a chance to participate in our monster making competition and a lot more prizes and surprises.

Special awards

  • Best Spooky Costume
  • Hunt Winners
  • Monster Making Contest

FLAG DAY! (November)

Celebrate the rich culture of the UAE. Children will make their own flags and will understand the symbolic value of the flag.


Raise the flag high as we celebrate the UAE’s Commemoration day! To celebrate the 47th year of union of the Emirates, children will get to make their very own work of art on canvas.

WINTER FEST! (December 16-31)

It’s time for kids to decorate their very own hanging snowman! The perfect craft for decorating your home as a winter wonderland.