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Wahooo! Waterpark Surf School

Surfing is now serious business in Bahrain. Wahooo! has launched the Wahooo! Surf School, the Middle East's first surf school. Wahooo! specialises in teaching all levels of surfing from first timers to advanced surfers; and offers private or group surf lessons. Our instructors are experienced surfers, trained in first-aid and CPR, and offer expertise on all aspects of surfing. Now you can be an expert surfer by joining the Wahooo! surf school. There will be exciting sessions every Friday and Saturday morning where professional trainers will help you learn the tricks of surfing like a pro. Due to popular demand special Wednesday morning sessions have also been planned. So hurry! Sign up at the only surf school in Bahrain located at Wahooo! Waterpark.

Four Pumps Session

Mondays: 5pm - 8pm, Saturdays: 4pm - 8pm as listed below:

  • 4pm - 6pm*: Stand up or Bodyboard on three pumps.
  • 6pm - 8pm*: Stand up or Bodyboard on four pumps.

To qualify for any of the above programs, you need: To bring in your own Stand up board Sign a Disclaimer form before you get on the Flowrider

Very Important:

You are allowed the multi-pump session only when you're stand-up surfing competency is tested by our trainers. If you pass this simple test which is mainly for your own safety, you are entitled to receive your very own Flowrider ID card. All you need to do is bring in a passport sized photograph to the Desk. The card gives you smooth and easy access to the Flowrider for the multi-pump sessions in the following weeks.

*3 BD price from 4pm until 8pm

Rules & Regulations (Surf School & Four Pumps Session):

Smoking is only allowed in smoking area You must queue using correct queue system

Ride Time:

One minute normal operation time, if there are 8 people or more in the queue Two minutes normal operation time, if there are less than 8 people in the queue Two minutes during four pumps

Contact 1717 3000 for more details.