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The 5 zones

Little Explorers is an exciting mix of education and entertainment for children from two to seven, with a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun, safe environment.

These five fun-filled distinct zones offer a fascinating, varied and unique experience, allowing children to build their individual and social identity.

1. All Together

Puts children into groups where they share, communicate, interact and imitate one another, building social skills.

2. I Experiment

Children encounter water, air and light as an introduction to scientific and technical disciplines.

3. I Discover Myself

Young children explore and discover themselves as they build their physical, mental and social identity

4. I Can Do

Games and experiments help children develop an understanding of their surroundings.

5. I Locate Myself

Children experience and enjoy their bodies in movement, and develop motor skills, language skills, and a notion of time.

Together you can experience the joy of discovery with your children.

Little Explorers isn't just for children; parents, custodians and teachers who accompany the children are educational partners and are an integral part of this unique experience.

For packages especially designed for schools, contact: